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    What to do when your budgie got hit by a fan?


    Nowadays many accidents happen. Flying friends are getting hit by a fan. What to do when your budgie got hit by a fan?

    Many places including mine have no veterinary facilities for birds so we should take care of our Birds ourselves.
    Birds are experts In hiding their pain. They may look like they are alright but they will be in trouble.

    As soon as a Birds got hit by and fell down inspect the word for the wound. Check whether the wound is big or small.

    If there is any veterinary facility available in your area then just do the first aid and take your bird to the doctor.

    If there is no veterinary facility available in your area then try this method.

    I will not guarantee that this treatment will work yet this worked for me.

    1. The first step you have to use to take your bird and clean the wound.

    2. Then apply some antiseptic ointment or spray on the wound. (I used DMag spray it is a fly repellent antiseptic and a wound healer)

    3.  After applying the wound healing antiseptic spray let your bird rest for about  5 minutes.

    4. No check whether you bird is bleeding or not.   If you bird is bleeding then try to stop the bleeding. Blood loss may result in death.

    5. To stop the bleeding I used sulphanin powder. I cleaned the wound again and applied sulphanin powder on the wound. It is a chlorphenesin dusting powder used in dressing and treating antibacterial and antifungal skin disorders.

    6. Let your bird rest for about 30 minutes.

    7. Check whether you bird is eating by himself or not. If you bird seems to be not eating or drinking then you should start hand feeding him. I fed my bird with Glucose water using a syringe for about day and I saw him eating by himself so I was relaxed.

    If you guys can’t understand correctly reading this article then follow the link and watch the video.

    Its been a week now my bird is really healthy and happy now. Guess this treatment worked for you guys too.

    If I have helped you then like my Facebook page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified about new updates.

    Hope you got an idea on what to do when your budgie got hit by a fan. Thank you for reading this article.

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