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STOP your cockatiel from biting you


Hey friends welcome back to petskeeping,

Today I’m going to show you how to stop your cockatiel from biting you. This will work on tamed cockatiel before reading this just confirm your cockatiel is tamedĀ else visit here to tame your cockatiel

Is your cockatiel biting you when he is perched on your finger?


Is your cockatiel chewing your finger?

I’m going to reveal a secret strategy to stop you bird from doing back this behavior.

Many bird breeders and trainers use this strategy to stop their cockatiel from biting / chewing finger.

stop your cockatiel from biting you

How to stop your cockatiel from biting you (Video Guide Below)

  • When your bird is perched on your finger. (Only If he bites you)
  • Make a quick twist of your finger (This will make him lose his balance)
  • You could also make a bounce just by shaking your finger. (In which your bird is perched) up and down.
  • Doing Twist / Bounce will make your bird lose its balance and its a negative reinforcement (It will make your bird stop biting your finger)

What is Negative reinforcement?

When your bird bites you and you Twist / Bounce your finger. Your bird will lose balance and it’s a negative reinforcement.

How does Negative reinforcement work?

When you twist/bounce your finger when your cockatiel tries to bite your finger. Your bird will think that he loses balance when he bites your finger. He will associate the bite with the balance loss and he will stop biting. This is how negative reinforcement works.


Twist or bounce should be repeated min 7 times a day (When your bird bites you) to make your bird remember not to bite your finger.

I have already uploaded a video on YouTube in which I have demonstrated how to use twist? and what will it do to your bird?

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