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How to hand tame a cockatiel


Hey friends,

Welcome back to petskeeping. In the last post, we saw how to hand tame a budgie. Today I’m going to show you how to hand tame a cockatiel.

Before that let’s get to know What is Taming?

Taming is a process of making a bird lose its fear among humans and make them get along.

Let’s get to know something about cockatiels,

How to hand tame a cockatiel

Cockatiels are really easiest birds to tame. They are very gentle and they won’t bite like any other birds do. Cockatiels do bite that won’t be hard as any other birds bite.

I have made many videos on youtube with my cockatiel named jio. I have linked the video below.

To hand tame a cockatiel

  • First, when you buy a bird home he will be surely afraid of you and others.
  • As soon as you reach home, keep him in his cage.
  • Keep the cage near the place where there is more human interaction.
  • Keep the cage always near you whenever you are in the home.
  • Give your bird his/her own private time for about 3 days to make hm settle to the new environment.

After 3 Days Start to Tame/Train your cockatiel

  • Keep your hand inside the cage on the perch for 10 to 15 minutes per day until your birds lose his fear on hands. (Don’t ever catch/Grab you the bird. Catching/Grabbing will make your bird fear more about your hand)
  • After your bird loses his fear on hand slowly move your hand near him.
  • When your bird is comfortable when your hand is near him then ask him to step-up. (Check the video below to know How to make your cockatiel step-up)
  • Pressing the upper chest will make your cockatiel step-up. Repeat the process and reward him / Praise him to make him remember.

After your cockatiel is comfortable Stepping up on your hand

  • Try to make your cockatiel sit on your shoulder. (Cockatiels will naturally get along standing on shoulder)
  • Put your cockatiel on your shoulder for about 15 minutes per day to make him get along. (If your cockatiel doesn’t stand on your shoulder)


You have completely tamed your cockatiel if your cockatiel is Comfortable standing or going to your shoulder.


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