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Budgie training tips | How to Hand Tame budgie



Hand taming a budgie is a process of bonding yourself to a new budgie / any parrot. The birds kept within captivity will be managed by humans only to be able to shift them from galetas. So the birds inside captivity will fear human’s (Mainly hands). In this specific article you happen to be gonna obtain to know how to be able to take away the fear from your budgie produce a connection with you.: ) All the best

Method’s to Hand tame budgie

  1. Hand taming a budgie are done using different methods mainly some people tame their bird by hand feeding them. Hand feeding should not be done without the supervision of a experienced breeder or a vet.
  2.  Some people tame their budgie by separating them from their parents right after they start taking food themselves. Young birds are easy to tame.
  3.  But many people buy adult Birds from pet shops and they want to tame them but they don’t know about the procedure to tame them.  


Today in this article I am going to teach you how to tame a budgie that maybe a young one or an adult one but you could tame them using these steps.

Let’s start the taming process. 

The first step you should do to tame your bird is to make him or her lose his fear.

The bird must see you as a friend not as a threat. To make a Bird to see you as a friend you must spend your valuable time with them. It may be 10 minutes or 20 minutes but you should spend time daily with them. 

As soon as you buy them just let them settle for about 2 to 3 days in their cage. Give them some time to settle in the new environment.

After 3 days the fourth day just start talking to them. Sit in front of the cage start talking to your bird daily.  As I said you must spend 10 minutes or 20 minutes daily with your bird talking to them for about 3 days. 

So you give them 3 days to settle on there any when we can meet and then you have been talking to them for about 3 days it has been 6 days.

Hand taming a budgie

On the 7th day just try to open the door and move your hand inside the cage. Check whether he is comfortable with your hand inside the cage. If he seems to fear your hand then just keep your hand near The Perch don’t move your hand just keep it like a statue and wait for 10 minutes as usual daily routine. Do this until your Bird stops flying or running away when you move your hand inside the cage.

Hand tame a budgie 1

After some days you will stop flying or running from your hand. Now you good move a step further and try to keep your hand near his leg. If you seems to be comfortable then try to perch him on your finger.

Remember when you are trying to do this training please don’t catch your bird or threaten him if you do something that threatens him then you should start the process again from the start. 

If your bird perches on your finger then you are okay to move to the next step if not then just take some food or millet in your hand keep your hand near your Bird wait until your bird comes and eats the food from your hand. 

Budgie step up training

If you bird starts to eat the food from your hand or it steps up for perches on your finger it means your bird lost the fear about your hand or you. 



Hand tame a budgie 2

So now your bird is hand tamed and he is ready to learn tricks.

If you can’t understand correctly from reading this article then you could follow and watch my videos.  

Thank you for reading this article I will come up with the new and better article next week.

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