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Breeding budgies step by step instructions



In this article, I am going to help you on breeding budgies.

I am Dinesh here to talk about Breeding Budgies on behalf of

First, you should decide whether you really want to breed budgies.

Budgies breeding step by step instructions
breeding budgies

Breeding Budgies are not as easy as you think it takes more time. 

Reading the article and understanding the process of Breeding Budgies will make it easier for you to breed your budgies.

I am going to write my 3 years experience on Breeding Budgies in this article.

You should have some cash in your hand to buy some supplies and feed for them. You should spare some time daily on check out budgies and clean the cage.

Now let’s talk about the room.

You should give your budgie a separate room which will be quiet and which has no disturbances. The room should be protected from predators including pets the only person who can enter the room should be you.


If you are looking for tips to hand tame a budgie follow the link below

Budgie training tips | How to Hand Tame budgie

Now let’s talk about the cage size for Breeding Budgies

Cage setup for Breeding budgies

Budgie breeding cage sizeThe size recommended by me to breed budgies is 2 x 1.5 X 1.5 it means the cage should be 2 feet wide 1.5 feet tall and 1.5 feet broad. 

You can give your budgie a bigger size cage than the one I recommended but please don’t provide your budgie a smaller cage than the recommended size.

It’s time for you to decide whether you are using a breeding box or a pot – Breeding Budgies

I’m using a pot and I recommend using pot for breeding. You can also use a breeding box for breeding budgies I will mention the sizes of the breeding box you should use.

Budgie breeding box sizeThe actual size of a breeding box should be 9 inches wide 6 inches tall and 6 inches broad with an entry hole of 2 or 2.5 inches. 

Budgies don’t require any nesting material we always prefer an Empty box or an empty pot.  So you don’t need to care about nesting materials. If you are giving them a breeding box then make sure that the nesting box has a little dish in it so the eggs don’t roll and get rolled out of the nest and away from the heat of the mother bird. This is important so the eggs don’t get cold.

Learn : What to do When you budgie gets wounded

Now you are ready with the cage and nesting box now what you need is a good pair of budgies to breed – Breeding Budgies

If you already have a bad then there is no trouble. If not you can purchase healthy budgies from a local pet shop or from a reliable breeder. A good pair will be alert, awake and be making a lot of noise while a bad pair would be sleepy and its eyes would be cloudy.

Food and Nutrition

Ok, now you have a good place to breed with a good cage and a good pair. You should get to know about the nutrition and food you should give your budgie all the time.

Feeding Budgie - Budgie Breeding guide

There is no special diet for the breeding season. You should be providing your budgie a vast amount of nutrition’s to ensure that your budgie is healthy. I have made a special diet for my budgies I provided daily to my budgies I get about 5 to 6 chicks per clutch.

I would like to give my advanced diet plan for free I just want you guys to confirm that you are humans by subscribing to my page. Click here to get the advanced diet plan PDF

Let’s talk about the basic diet plan every breeders and page Online refers to

1. A seed mix that contains foxtail millet, Red millet, pearl millet and sunflower seeds

2. Cuttlebone source of calcium for birds

3. Budgie pellets or soft foods, Greens and veggies

4. Mineral and Calcium syrup (twice per week)

5. Tetracycline to increase immunity (Once per month / When a bird is sick)

These are the foods that are used by many breeders out here and this gives them a better result.

Click here to know about the best seed mix

Best Seed Mixes for  Your Bird

Best Seed Mixes for Your Bird Available in India

That’s it now you have a good room to breed your Birds, a good cage and a good pair of budgies with the list of foods you must provide your budgie’s with to maintain their shape and nutrition yet still you have to know about something that you should have before starting to breed your budgie

1. Baby budgie food (You should be feeding your budgie if parents don’t).

2. A syringe to feed a baby budgie.

3. A spare cage for when the chicks grow up.

4. A couple of perches to keep inside the cage. The perch should be made of wood or something else that will not be dangerous or poisonous to your budgies.

That’s it you are ready to breed your budgies let them on their own they will do their thing in their own time but disturbing them will make the process very late

Budgie care tips : From hand feeding stage


Regularly check the nesting box if you see the eggs wait until each one is 5 days old and cancel them. Candling the eggs means that you will know which eggs are fertile and which eggs are not. You can find candling steps online. Candling is an optional step.

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